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TELESOL is a licensed public data operator in the DR Congo that provides high speed data and Internet connectivity to the Government, ISPs, telecom carriers, mobile operators, network providers and corporate enterprises. Our highly skilled technical personnel and our experience across the full spectrum of data communications allows us to offer products and services that meet our customers’ expectations.

20+ years of experience

We believe in making it easier for organisations to work and grow on an international scale.

Our services and solutions include Internet and Data over wireless and satellite connectivity, multi-media functions such as video conferencing, VOIP, Video streaming, etc. In addition, we also offer ISP solutions, IT/Telecom training, as well as technical and consultancy services such as: sites survey, Civil works, microwaves and V-SAT installation and commissioning, whenever requested to do so.

TELESOL has been active not only in the DR Congo but also in America. We are part of a Group of companies with offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the United States and in Canada. We also work with numerous operators and equipment manufacturers in the data communication industry worldwide.

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Our Mission

Telesol’s Mission

  • Our mission is to continuously identify, assimilate and deliver cutting edge technology.
  • Spread communication services even to the most remote areas on the African continent.
  • To provide specialized, innovative, scalable, and secure enterprise solutions that fully exploit the capabilities of the net.
  • To maintain a sound business relationship with our technology partners and to continue utilizing their strength and expertise to provide solid solutions to our clients.
  • To continuously anticipate and understand customer needs, expectations, problems and provide timely and accurate solutions.
  • To create and nurture an organizational culture that motivates and empowers its employees.
telesol mission

Our Vision

Telesol Vision

telesol vision
  • Create tomorrow’s global village, where information will Flow borderless.
  • Provide accessibility of information anytime, anywhere in an affordable and secure way.
  • Become a market leader in both data communication and internet Services, where we offer plug and play solutions.

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