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TELESOL is a Fully Licensed Public Data and VOIP Carrier in DR Congo. , TELESOL has implemented complete data security over all the communication links. The data is encrypted before being transmitted and only gets decrypted only when it reaches an identified and registered customer site. The technology is fully transparent for customers to install their own data security system as a second layer of security.

Internet & Data Communication

TELESOL is one among the very few companies in DRC that provide high quality complete Satellite communications services with V-SAT antennas ,Satellite Modems and servers, partnering with VITACOM Services Corporation, with a State of the art Teleport located in Miami, Florida. Among our customers we count the DRC Government, the mining companies in provinces, corporate businesses and NGOs.

VOIP Carrier Communication

TELESOL provides high quality routes for wholesale and retail VOIP communication to DRC and to many other countries on the African continent. Our state of the art VOIP platforms in the US. and in DRC have allowed us to guarantee full satisfaction to our worldwide customers during the last 6 years.

IT & Telecoms Training

In our facilities, located in the heart of the downtown Kinshasa, Luxurious and professionally equipped spaces are dedicated to IT and Telecom Certifying Training: Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Linux ; Satellite transmission (V-Sat, Microwave, Broadband wireless, WiMAX), Voice over IP switching.


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