Corporate Solutions


Whether in need of an Internet solution or just Data communication, we have just the right solution for corporate organizations. TELESOL offers high-speed Internet & Data connections through either its Wireless Local Loop or by use of Satellite connectivity. These solutions are based on a point-to-multipoint configuration, thus providing an economical and high performance solution.


In addition, TELESOL has implemented complete data security over all the communication links. The data is encrypted before being transmitted and only gets decrypted only when it reaches an identified and registered customer site. The technology is fully transparent for customers to install their own data security system as a second layer of security.


Remote Connectivity


TELESOL believes that communication should be accessible to everyone, geographical limitations or education levels notwithstanding. All remote connectivity solutions are tested with worst African conditions against power shortages, heavy rainfall, etc.

Our remote connection is designed to manage your communications via satellite quickly, simply and economically, and above all independently from any terrestrial communication lines. The service offers you two-way broadband communication that can grow as your company does - and you can’t yet imagine just how reliable economical and easy to use satellite can be!


Access Solutions for Carriers and Service Providers


TELESOL works in association with cellular operators, carriers and Internet services providers to develop topological access solutions for existing and emerging data/voice networks. Such solutions include LAN to LAN broadband services, differentiated data services, Local Loop access circuits, microwave connectivity, voice compression, etc.


Voice & Multi-Media Functions


VOIP Solutions


With new technologies emerging every day, and with governments

accepting and adopting these changes, it is now possible to offer various Voice over IP solutions such as:

¸ Inter-corporate VoIP – Where one is able to call a branch like it is an extension away thus saving heavily on telephone bills.

¸ International Calls – Where one is able to use a calling card to call any number in the world at a very cost effective rate since the service is running over the Internet.


Video Conferencing Facilities


Many organizations would want to take advantage of technology to cut down on operational costs as much as possible especially when it comes to transport and accommodation costs incurred during conferences. With the Video conferencing facilities TELESOL  has, it is now possible to make this dream a reality.


Broadcasting and Streaming Services


It is now possible for local media houses, especially TV and Radio stations to air their programs live by hosting their websites with TELESOL where they would be assured of getting quality and uncompromised service delivered to their clients. TELESOL has uplink facilities which can serve FM Radio stations as well as TV stations for broadcasting to other relay stations and thereafter to the end user.



Customer Support


TELESOL employs a team of experts that designs and implements end-to end customer solutions and provides customer training. We have specialists in satellite, terrestrial, submarine and wireless networks. Our round the clock availability gives customers confidence. We have developed many remote support solutions to ensure our services give value for money. We give more importance to satisfying existing customers than developing new ones. We offer a complete solution including consultancy, supply, installation and prompt support service. In a nutshell, we take care of technology to let you focus on your business.


Consultancy/ Technical Assistance


Our in-house telecommunication consultants and IT specialists not only have vast experience and knowledge in both data and voice infrastructure applications and connectivity but also possess excellent project management skills. We are therefore able to guide ISPs, corporate organizations and Government institutions in complex technical projects. In addition, we have the expertise to offer turnkey solutions to corporate organizations by designing, implementing and testing completely unique solutions for organizations thus giving them not only a one-stop shop for their needs, but also unmatched services.


Disaster Recovery and Co-location Services


Information technology (IT) systems that mediate the delivery of business information provide enormous value, but they also introduce a major vulnerability. If access to vital data is interrupted, the organization can become totally crippled and in the process lose millions. It with this thought in mind that TELESOL has developed a DRC section where organizations can store or back-up their data periodically either by getting storage space on our servers or by co-locating their own servers on our racks.

Whichever option you chose, you will always be guaranteed security and access to your data whenever you need it.


Technological Edge


By establishing strong relationships with the following renowned communications oriented companies, TELESOL has proved to be the ideal provider for secure communication solutions.


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