Our Solutions

TELESOL customers enjoy a fully integrated one-stop solution right from their desktop to final connectivity abroad or within the country by taking advantage of either of the solutions listed below.

Internet Service Provider

We are among the few companies in the DRC that provide high-quality satellite communication services. Our internet services have been implemented in some of the most remote locations, and harsh environments in which we have been able to provide customers with reliable and cost-effective satellite communication services. Some of our customers include: the DRC government, mining companies working in rural provinces, corporations, and NGO’s.

VOIP Carrier Communication

TELESOL provides VOIP phone systems using IP-PBX and IP phones for small business and large corporations. We are also an international VOIP carrier interconnecting with various carriers around the world for origination and termination of traffic.



Two Way Radio Communcation

Having partnered with Motorola, TELESOL provides two-way radio communications devices for a variety of uses including tactical, business, and personal. We have extensive experience allowing us to design and implement complex multi-site communication networks for police, army, mining, and security companies.


Helping you stay connected

Voice & Multi-Media Functions

Video Survelliance Solutions

TELESOL provides situation-specific video surveillance designs based on customer needs. We can design and implement video surveillance solutions capable of managing multiple sites from one centralized location or from multiple locations. The collected data can be stored and analyzed by the customer..

Video Conferencing Solutions

Many organizations would want to take advantage of technology to cut down on operational costs as much as possible especially when it comes to transport, and accommodation costs incurred during conferences. With the Video conferencing facilities TELESOL has, it is now possible to make this dream a reality.

Broadcasting and Streaming Services

TELESOL has uplink facilities which can serve FM Radio stations as well as TV Stations for broadcasting to relay stations and end users.

Our Partners